Wyatt Rollins is an original artist from Dalton, GA.  He was steeped in music at a very young age. From early piano lessons with his grandmother - a classically trained pianist with perfect pitch - to an education in bluegrass, outlaw country, and 50’s rock and roll from his father, he’s always been exposed to and enjoyed a wide range of music. The piano lessons didn’t take, but the guitar certainly did.  In his teens Wyatt discovered Led Zeppelin, Neil Young and Drivin’ n’ Cryin’, and the guitar his dad tried to push on him a few years earlier suddenly became a necessity.  By age 20, he had taught himself to play by ear, and he was writing his own songs.  He plays acoustic and electric guitar, bass, and mandolin.  He has a recording project planned for release in 2021. 

Contact Wyatt: hwyattrollins@gmail.com.